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Want Some Free FL Studio Templates?

  • Can anyone else use the beat?
    If you've purchased a Basic/Premium/Premium Plus license, the beat will remain on my store. If you don't want anybody else to use the beat you have to purchase the beat exclusively.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    After completing your purchase you have a 14 day window to request a refund. Refunds are only offered for items bought from the Store page. Beats are not included. If you are not content with the result of any of the services offered on the Services page, I unfortunately can't offer you a refund, as a certain amount of time and effort on my part has already been invested. For specific changes I offer 2 free revisions. Additional ones cost $25/revision.
  • What happens If I exceed the allowed amount of streams on my license?
    If you have purchased an Exclusive license you are entitled to an unlimited amount of streams on your track. If you've purchased any of the other licenses, all you need to do is contact me to upgrade your license to the one that suits your needs and pay the difference.
  • How long do I have to wait before my mix/custom beat is ready?
    I strive to have your requested services/projects ready as soon as possible. Custom beats and full track mixes might take up to 10 days, vocal and beat/instrumental mixes up to 5. I can however not guarentee this as I want to provide you with the best possible end product, which might take up more time. If there are any circumstances that result in a longer waiting time, I'll get in touch with you ASAP.
  • What if somebody buys an exclusive license AFTER I purchase the beat?
    You'll still be entitled to use the beat within your license agreement. For example if: you have an unlimited license you can still continue to distribute and earn revenue from your song.
  • When will I receive my beat?
    All beats are available for instant download. Once you purchase a license you'll be sent a download link through email instantly.
  • How do I purchase a beat?
    All beats are sold exclusively on my BeatStars profile. If you want to download a free (tagged) version, you can do so in the Tracklists/New Releases sections on my Beats page.



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